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  • June 18, 2023 - When Crisis Strikes Education: The Truth Beneath Classroom Chalkboards

June 18, 2023 - When Crisis Strikes Education: The Truth Beneath Classroom Chalkboards

Are We Losing Our Future Educators?


“Teachers on the Verge: A Disturbing Drop in Education Majors!”

Unseen Classroom Crisis.



“Purpose Over Passion: A Harvard Research Reshaping Career Success”


“Reinventing Parent-School Interaction: The Key to Unlocking Collaboration through ITSM”


A Retail Revolution: Back-to-School Shopping Shatters Previous Records!


“The Brain's Creative Conundrum: Rethinking Inspiration and Innovation”


"If there is a failure in academia, in my humble opinion, it is in failing to promote creativity in the learning process."

Allan Besselink

The Lifelong Learning Arc: Unveiling the Power of Creativity.

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